School project

Exquisite Corpse

Location: Vancouver, BC
Client: Centre for Digital Media
Date: December 2014
Technical Environment: Node.js, MongDB, Javascript, HTML

For the exquisite corpse, the team decided to create a collaborative space as a creative outlet for the students of our master’s program. Here’s an extract of the original description that was included in the website:

The exquisite corpse is a private shared space for the 54 students of the cdm’s cohort 9. We sought to address the need of artistic forms of social communication. We saw this project as an opportunity to build an elegant and compelling experience.

Please visit the blog for more information.

This short time-lapse video created with screen captures of the website, shows what we collected during the course of about a week:

Exquisite Corpse Time-Lapse from Juan Lara on Vimeo.